How To Get The Best Walking Dead Look With Zombie Makeup

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Here Are The Best Kits For Realistic Zombie Makeup

So you’re wanting to be a zombie, but can’t find any around that are willing to bite you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Below are a few of the best zombie makeup kits on the market to help you get the zombie look for halloween, or for a nice stroll around the neighborhood.

Further down the page we have some of the most common questions about zombie makeup including how you can use the makeup kits to get these looks at done at home, fast. So what are you waiting for? The end of the world?

Frequently Asked Questions About Zombie Makeup

How is zombie makeup done? (easy tutorial)

There are literally an endless amount of videos all around the web related to zombie makeup and how to apply it for the scariest looks. I recommend using one of the kits above and using the video below as a guide. You may also want to get some white or gray contacts as those really make the look “pop”.

How to apply Zombie Makeup With Latex?

If you’re looking for the next level of zombie then liquid latex is the best option, you can use liquid latex and tissue paper combined with one of the zombie makeup kits mentioned on this page to make it appear as though parts of your face have been ripped off. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean.

Get The Zombie Look With Household Items (Toilet paper & Glue)

Ok so if you’re super short on money and can’t afford any of the awesome zombie makeup kits we mentioned above, then your best bet is to get the job done using household items…toilet paper and glue are the main ingredients, if you’ve got them, then you’re good to go. Obviously it won’t look as great as using a kit, but it’ll still look pretty good…or bad. Either way, you’ll get that “I woke up dead” look that you’re wanting. The video below shows you just how it’s done.

How Can I Use Zombie Makeup To Make A Bite Mark?

So maybe you want to go all out and not only be a zombie, but also show that you were bit by one. Cool. This is actually pretty easy to do and also works great if you don’t want to be in full zombie mode and instead you’d just like the bite mark to show that you’re in “transition”.

How Much Does Zombie Makeup Cost?

Zombie makeup kits can typically cost anywhere from $5 up to $20 bucks, but a great kit can usually be found in the middle. It all depends on how many extra colors and materials you want. How committed are you to being one of the walking dead?

Another cool thing about the zombie makeup kits is that once you get one, you’ll usually have some left over so you can charge other people to do their zombie makeup for them… this is a much more sanitary way to get them to join your zombie apocalypse, i mean, compared to biting them.