Keep Your Pets Active While You’re Away Thanks To The Wicked Ball

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Pets get bored and lonely when their humans are busy or away and Cheerble is coming to the rescue! If you’ve found yourself exhausted by your furry family member’s desire to play for hours on end, meet the Wicked Ball.

This clever toy keeps dogs and cats occupied by moving, vibrating, and lighting up on its own and providing pets with the stimulation they need to play without human assistance. Designed to be used when you aren’t home, the Wicked Ball has different settings to keep your pets from getting bored and lonely.

You can set the Wicked Ball to be fully automatic when you aren’t home, and set it on gentle, normal, or active to personalize it for your pet. Intelligent Companion mode is what Cheerble calls the setting that makes sure your animals get enough rest.

It’s waterproof and made of durable materials that are safe for your pets to lick and chew. The Wicked Ball is the all-terrain vehicle of pet toys, overcoming household obstacles with ease. 

If you’re working at home and need some pet distraction or heading to the office, the Wicked Ball may be just the thing to keep your animals occupied in your absence.

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