Why Take Care Of Your Garden When You Can Feed A Fish To Do It For You

Water Garden: The aquafarm that lets fish grow your plants

Do you like the idea of having a garden in your home? How about fish? They have both been said to have a calming effect in the home.
Having plants indoors can:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide levels.
  • Increase humidity.
  • Reduce airborne dust levels.
  • Keep air temperatures down.

And Fish:

  • Help with the overall Feng shui of your home
  • Lower blood pressure & reduce stress
  • Are said to provide good luck in terms of money & overall abundance.

Now that we have a clear understanding of how both plants and fish can improve our lives, i’d like to introduce the device that combines the two.

It’s called the Aquafarm / Water Garden 2.0 & it’s simply amazing. If you were paying attention to the video above, all you have to do is feed your fish, and your garden essentially grows itself…from rocks!

Photo Credit: @OhSoCrazyBlog

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