Turn Your Shopping Receipts Into Cash

We’ve finally found a useful way to use our receipts! When it comes to your shopping receipts, chances are it’s all or nothing, you either save them all or you don’t save any of them. However, there’s a pretty cool app that you may not have heard about (maybe someone’s trying to keep it a secret..?) called Receipt Hog.

It allows you to get rewarded for your receipts from stores like Kroger, Walmart, CVS, & lots of other stores. All you do is take a picture of the receipt & upload it, you’ll get coins based on the amount you spend, then you turn those coins in for rewards. You also get spins that allow you to win even more coins without submitting a receipt at all. As of now the rewards are Paypal or Amazon money, so whether you hold onto your receipts or you trash them, you can take a quick photo & turn those little reminders of how much you spent, into money makers.

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