The Best Cat Litter For Your Feline Friend — List Updated This Month

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A Full Breakdown Of The Top 12 Cat Litter Brands Currently Sold

Cats are the absolute best! While there’s certainly a firm line between “cat people” and “dog people”, it seems even the latter can warm up to felines without too much trouble. The truth is that most people are crazy about cats. Why is it that they’re so positively irresistible? Is it their sassy yet playful demeanor? Their soft fur? Or is it something else entirely?

If one were to guess, perhaps its the openness and genuine nature. No matter what anyone says, it’s clear that cats even love their humans back. If you own a cat, you’re likely well aware of the amazing bond felt when he or she rubs against your legs in manic circles at the oddest of times. There are also all the amazing moments where they decide that right then and there, your lap is now their bed! The feeling of the fur slightly rising with each purr after you scratch their necks is also nothing short of amazing. The underlying feeling this leads to is that of being accepted. Cats have an undeniable ability to make you feel needed, trusted, and yes: loved.

Cats can create bonds at an alarming rate. Their affections are just about impossible to resist. That’s precisely why we’re willing to spend literally thousands on medication to help them when they’re sick, or even spend money needlessly on toys and tons of other creature comforts.

Of course, there’s also a whole other side at play. The matter of the “number one and two” has to rear its head at some point or another. There’s no need to beat around the bush; the toiletry habits of your cat can be just as much of an adventure as anything else at times. For whatever reason, there are periods where they just won’t make their way to the litter box anymore. They might even elect to do their business right in front of it rather than inside! It’s not exactly glamorous having to play personal clean-up crew to the feline overlord. Oh, and that stench! Surely, it could be weaponized and used to start a complete global uproar. Of course, this particular facet of having a cat in your life can still be quite rough even when proper litter use is still in play!

If it turns out your existing litter isn’t getting the job done anymore, there are a number of promising replacements you might want to consider. By simply making the change, you can say goodbye to the smells for the time being, and likely make your finicky little one much happier in the process. Each of the options below is wonderfully adept at neutralizing odors, and they have the added bonus of being manufactured with non-irritating ingredients.

With that said, let’s get to it! Here are the top 12 best cat litters that money can buy!


Arm & Hammer Naturals is a very advanced style of double-duty clumping litter. It works wonderfully for young and old cats alike. It also has the added bonus of being highly affordable. It’s a breeze to use as well, and it includes a well designed odor controlling system that actually purifies the litter box. All of your cats generous deposits will be completely neutralized. This particular brand is also easy to empty, it lacks any added fragrances, and of course it’s natural so that’s always a plus.


Did you know they actually make flushable cat litter? Well, surprise! Here it is, and it’s amazing! It has the added benefit of fighting off unwelcome odors easily. This variety clumps better than most. There’s little chance of anything sticking to your cat’s paws either, meaning you won’t run into any unexpected surprises. The only downside is this brand is a bit dusty compared to the others on this list.


This is among the safest varieties of cat litter on the market. It is made of 100 percent natural pine, which does a great job of dealing with the ammonia odor. Feline Pine utilizes pine wood pellets for its absorption solution. The solids are left on top where they can be scooped quite easily. There are no chemicals used in this litter at all; it’s also free from additives and perfumes. Feline Pine is completely dust-free as well. You don’t have to worry about tracking either! The only possible downside is having to change the pellets immediately in order to prevent sawdust.


Do you find yourself always having to pop headache pills due to that horrible ammonia-like smell in your cat’s litter box? Are you in need of a cat litter that will remove that odor from your life entirely? This 24/7 Tidy Cats litter has you covered. Unlike most other brands, this particular formula uses patented triple odor protection that can make the smell of ammonia and all of the box’s waste a thing of the past. The clumping is also handled in a rapid fashion. You’ll be left with hard clumps, preventing an even bigger mess to worry about. We’ve all been there! Tidy Cats is also around 99.6 percent dust-free, and there’s little worry of tracking present. There’s even a handle built right into the container to make carrying it around quite effortless.


Note: Another from Tidy Cats, but this one isn’t just cat litter, it’s an entire litter system. This is a product that’s been proven time and time again. It’s very easy to use, it handles odor elimination quite deftly, and it doesn’t need clay to work. Tidy Cats Breeze uses special pellets instead, and they’re completely safe for your cat. They were shown to be 99.6 percent dust-free, and they fight against tracking as well. They’ll allow the urine to pass and get absorbed by the underlying pad. The pellets keep the rest of the mess in place, where it can be dealt with quite effortlessly. There’s no scent on this variety either. As such, you won’t have to worry about cuddling up to your kitty only to be greeted by the infamous “littler smell”. Furthermore, the pads can withstand urine for at least a week before they need to be changed or washed!


This particular cat litter should be found at the top of pretty much any kitty litter list from here to the moon. It’s just that good. It actually uses whole-kernel corn as a means of clumping waste and soaking up urine. As with the variety above, this particular style also has a gentle wood-derived fragrance that helps get rid of the ammonia odor. Of course, the litter itself is also very easy to clean and scoop. It’s completely flushable and guaranteed safe for your septic tank. There’s no need to worry about carrying clumps around and making a mess. And if you’re keeping score, yeah: this one is dust-free as well.

Fresh Step Crystals PREMIUM CAT LITTER (Click Here For Reviews)

A lot of experts advise against using crystal-based kitty litter since it can be rough on their cute little feet, but many cat owners all over the web have had nothing but praise for the product. It absorbs moisture incredibly well, and it controls odor quite proficiently. The initial price tag may seem a little high, but even the smaller 8 pound bag will be able to last you for quite a while. As such, the value is perfectly reasonable.


Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is easily among the very best of all litters available this year. It’s actually made with recycled paper, which is a big plus for environmentally conscious households. The bag can even be recycled once you’re done with it! Interestingly, this brand comes as a special recommendation for cats that are recovering from a recent surgery. It’s just that delicate! After extensive testing, it was proven to be 99.7 percent dust-free. Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is even safe enough for the paws of a kitten since the pellets are comprised of soft paper material. When it comes to absorption, this litter is even more powerful than clay. This works wonders in getting rid of tracking and reducing odors. The only downside is that the waste areas need to be removed on a daily basis.


Are you in the situation where your cat just won’t use the box anymore? Are you tired of trying everything possible to correct the problem to no avail? If so, Cat Attract Cat Litter from Dr. Elsey might be the solution you need. This is completely natural in composition, meaning it’s safe even for kittens. It makes a perfect litter for training purposes as well. All waste is clumped quite hard with this brand, meaning the scooping process is as painless as possible. It also boasts a dust-free rate of 99.5 percent, and it controls odor very well.


On the topic of odor control, Arm & Hammer is quite proficient. They have nearly 200 years of experience in the particular field; cat litter is just one of many avenues in which they extend their odor-killing expertise. This litter actually seals and then destroys odors. It’s nothing short of magical. The product even comes with a guarantee of week-long odor control. It’s almost enough to deserve a standing ovation. Also, the clumping finishes almost immediately. You can scoop quickly and put the whole nasty affair long behind you. There’s no dust present on this particular variety either. Best of all, it’s been proven that even cats love this stuff!

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter (Click here for reviews)

If you’re worried about the dust and other downsides of most cat litters, All Natural Clumping Litter from SmartCat is a worthy choice. It’s actually made of grass, giving a legitimately natural touch. It’s very lightweight as well, but that’s actually something of a positive and a negative at the same time. Even so, it has garnered amazing remarks from experts and your everyday cat owner alike. It apparently clumps incredibly well.


Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Litter (click here for reviews)

Finally, this kitty litter is pretty much the best of the best. The company puts the health and safety of the animals before anything else. There are no perfumes or other fragrances to worry about. The litter clumps up naturally, and the moisture will never reach the bottom of the box. Thanks to the way it clumps, it’s never going to break apart either. It also happens to be 99.9 percent free of dust! The tracking problem is solved by tiny (yet dense) granules. Even if you have more than one cat, this stuff has what it takes to meet the demand. Your life is going to be a whole lot easier with this brand at your disposal.

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