Don’t “Dread” Your Dreads! These are The Best Products For Starter Locs

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Have you made the decision to grow your dreadlocks? Searching for the best products for starter locs was a good move!

Growing locs can take months to years to develop. You will need the best arrangement of products to help you along the way.

Are you ready to transform your aesthetic with dreadlocks? Get started with this guide featuring the best products for starter locs that we’ve found online.

Best Loc Products for Starter Locs

There are a range of products for each step of your loc growth journey. But, how do you know which ones are best?

The standard method is to try different products until you find the one that is best for you. But that can be timely and pricey. So, we’ve decided to help you with that choice, with a quick list of the best loc products.

Loc Shampoo

Locs can find ways to seek out and maintain dirt. You are going to need a good shampoo to help keep them clean while you grow them.

Total Body Black Earth Shampoo

Find a shampoo such as Taliah Waajid’s product. This shampoo is perfect for damaged or overly processed hair. Its created with all-natural ingredients and can even clean your body at the same time.


Multi-Purpose Product for Locs

If you find shampoo isn’t enough to keep your hair clean and hydrated. You could look into using a multi-purpose product. Again, you can use some multi-purpose products to wash your body at the same time.

Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s has a multi-purpose product that is usable in eighteen different ways. It’s excellent for your locs. But, you can also use it for the dishes, your house, and even your pets. The ingredients give you many positives.


Loc Conditioner

Sheamoisture Restorative Conditioner

For those rub-in and wash-out conditioners, Shea Moisture has an excellent product. This conditioner is made from raw shea butter. When worked into your locs from roots to top, it deeply conditions your hair. 

This product is replacing the moisture lost from your hair. It will help you’re locs to grow while keeping their elasticity.


Leave-in Conditioner for Locs

You can use products like Cocoa butter or avocado oil to keep your locs looking soft. But you will have to regularly wash it out with apple cider vinegar to remove all the residue from your locs.

Artnaturals Leave-in Conditioner

Another option is to use a leave-in conditioner such as Artnaturals one. This loc product doesn’t leave any build-up in your hair.

When learning how to start dreadlocks, you won’t know as much as you wish. Products such as this will save you from a few of those cloggy hair mistakes.


Refreshing Loc Spray

A refreshing spray helps your starter locs to avoid the risk of looking dry. Over washing your locs will delay the process, so using a refreshing spray allows you to look as good as you feel.

Lion Locs Rosewater Spray

One great refreshing spray is by Lion Locs. It has a fantastic scent which is always a positive for products such as this.


Essential Oils for Locs

You don’t want your new locs to become dry and look bad. Using essential oils can stop you from risking dryness with your hair.

Ancient Greek Remedy

Using oils, such as Ancient Greek Remedy’s, can help you to increase the speed with which your locs will grow. On top of that, it smells great. 

Lavender oils can also stop bugs, such as lice, from finding their way into your hair. Use essential oils like lavender to keep your hair moist and bug-free.


Loc Gel

When molding your locs, you may want to purchase some loc gel. The gel allows you to lock your hair into place during the growth process.

Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Hair Gel

Products such as Jamaican Mango & Lime’s will keep your hair in place. It will also provide antiseptic qualities to keep your hair cleaner.


Loc Cream

If you don’t wish to use a wax-like product, you can replace it with a cream. The cream will still help you during your retwisting process. But, it will also give you a creamier consistency to wax or gel.

Taliah Waajid Lock It Up

Taliah Waajid has a great cream that’s aids in the protection of your hair and keeps it strong. By applying it regularly, your hair will stay strong, and it reduces the risk of your daily life affecting it.


Lotion for Locs

Using a good lotion on your beginner locs is paramount to keeping in the moisture of your hair. As mentioned before, dry locs are not a great thing.

Design Essentials Daily Hair Moisturizing Lotion

Design essentials product uses a mix of almond and avocado to create a lightweight lotion. Using this as your daily lotion will keep your hair soft and frizz-free.


Loc Hair Ties

Any seasoned loc grower will tell you how vital hair ties can be. Once they reach a certain length, you will need a sturdy hair tie to keep your locs from your face. Perfect for while you may be doing your skin routine.

Goody Ouchless XL & Extra Thick Elastics

You can find hair ties in most retail stores. But such products as the Goodys Extra Large Ouchless Hair Tie are perfect for locs. This product is ideal for when you have long, thick locs that need tying up.


Make Your Locs Look Great

Now you know what products to use with your starter locs. Locs are a great option for natural hair! Hopefully, you will find a few products which work great for you and your locs.

Use the right shampoo to keep your locs clean. Use essential oils to retain the moisture. Choose between gel and cream for your twisting process.

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