Get Healthy: This App Is A Dietitian In Your Pocket

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Did you know the average person attempting to diet tries and fails 4 times in a given year? Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been trying for a while, dieting is no simple task. The truth is that there really isn’t some magical one-size fits all diet plan out there. Ideally, you would find a dietician to help you find out what works for you. That would be ideal, and now it can be a reality.

Get the benefits of having a custom diet plan right on your phone with Rise. By working with the top registered dietitians all around America, Rise makes it easy for you to lose weight and make sure it stays off.

The process is broken down into 3 simple steps. First, you quickly snap photos of your meals and share them with your coach. Next, your coach works with you to find what you could be doing better and helps make that happen. Lastly, you work with your coach to set goals and then reach them. Rise is more than about just dieting. It’s about shifting into a healthier lifestyle.

Photo Credit: @Rise