Finally, Here’s A Tablet For All Of Us That Prefer Paper

Yes, there’s nothing quite like the feel of writing on good ol’ fashioned paper. Whether you write, draw, take notes or anything else, chances are you’ve found that most of today’s modern tablets just don’t quite do the job as well as a simple notebook can. Until now.

Remarkable is the perfect device for reading, writing, and sketching without sacrificing the feel of writing on paper. You’re able to get that paper-like texture and friction minus the paper. And you can rest easy knowing that you can rest your palm on the surface of the tablet without any issues at all. The Remarkable optimizes battery life so you’re able to go DAYS on a single charge.

It’s truly a remarkable device for “paper people”. It keeps you focused and allows you to be even more productive. It’s about time we had a paper replacement that’s actually good enough to replace paper.

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