Best Products For The Perfect Quiff Hairstyle

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This just in! Quiff hairstyles are back in trend! But in order to have the perfect look possible, you will have to invest in the best products for the perfect quiff. Everybody knows the legendary King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley was well known for his quiffs, but the trend is starting again today. Spotted on famous celebrities such as Bruno Mars, Siva Kaneswaran of The Wanted, and Zayn Malik of One Direction,  among many others, men and women alike are beginning to tryout quiff hairstyles.

With the popularity of the quiff on the rise, it takes more than just towel drying your hair to spot that perfect quiff. It is time to test your hair styling skills, along with help of some of the best products for quiff hairstyles. First things first, before you go about looking for the best products for quiffs, keep in mind that in order to pull off a quiff, you need to have considerably thick hair with appropriate length. If your hair is frizzy, too thin or ferociously curly, you should perhaps consider going for other hairstyles instead of attempting the quiff.

With that being said, let’s get started:

According to professional hairstylists, the secret to the perfect quiff is not just about choosing the best products for the quiff, but you should also focus on your styling skills. First of all, shower using a shampoo that helps to thoroughly clean the hair and remove excess sebum like Head & Shoulders Citrus Shampoo or any other good shampoo.

Towel dry the hair when you are done and leave it slightly damp. Apply some styling gel, for super hold without all of the sticky mess and inflexibility or the Trevor Sorbie Mg Styling Wax to add more definition to your hair as well as protect from UV damage.

Keep in mind, not to go overboard with the styling gel. Most people do the mistake of putting on too much styling gel that the hair becomes heavy and difficult to style to a quiff. If Styling gel doesn’t work for you, go for hair wax, putty or clay instead. Shape your quiff using your fingers, and once you are done, blow dry your hair  towards the direction of your quiff. A great blow dryer such as the Wahl MaxPro 1600W Hair Dryer would do the trick.

Quiff Photo Credit: @MenswearStyle (Twitter)