Photographers: Here Are The Best Reflectors On The Market

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Any photographer will tell you that it is all about the lighting. Lighting is the key element that will make or break a photograph. The most difficult part of the industry is learning about light. It can be a long process to learn how to bend it to create better pictures. This is what takes a photographer the most time to learn. Using light to your advantage becomes a lot easier when using photo reflectors.

This is why reflectors are one of the most important accessories that a photographer could own. A reflector is something that a photographer uses to manipulate light. This will make a photograph brighter in certain areas creating a better picture. It can either diffuse, flag or reflect natural and artificial light. A reflector can come in any size or shape. There are many that are round or oval or even triangle shaped.

There are many factors that weigh in on what type of a reflector a photographer uses. This can be where the photo is taken and what the photograph is of. The photographer may also have a preference as well. Reflectors are not established only for the more experienced photographer. Someone who is learning uses reflectors as well as a seasoned photographer. Reflectors can be handheld as well as attached to a stand of some kind. The light that is used with a reflector includes both artificial and direct light. There are many different kinds of reflectors as well as brands on the market today.


43″ Multi-Disc Light Reflector from Neewer

This set includes them all. There are different colored reflectors in this set used for different things. The included colors are the white, black, gold, silver and translucent colored reflectors. Each of these reflectors gives a different look to the photograph. The gold reflector is often used for
warmer tones in a portrait while the silver reflects the light away. The set also comes with its own carrying case so it is easy to carry to all the different places you want to shoot at.


40″ Complete Reflector System from CowboyStudio

This set includes all five reflectors needed for great photographs. These include gold, white, black, silver and translucent reflectors. The kit is also equipped with a holder for the reflectors. It’s equipped with an arm that has a firm grip to hold the reflectors in place. This is so they won’t fall off or slip in the middle of a shoot. There is also a stand included as well. The stand reaches up to 6.7 feet and also has a place to hold the light. It’s stored and carried in the enclosed carrying case as well.


Eyelighter Reflective Panel from Westcott

Although this reflector is used indoors it is the best for portraits. It brightens up the face in the photograph and reduces glare on faces. There is also no extra reflecting light from those who wear glasses. The eyelighter reflective panel ends up reflecting light. Due to the curve of the design, the reflections are different than a standard photo reflector.


43″ 5-in-1 Handle from Selens

This is a new and versatile set that comes with easy accessibility. The handles built into the frame of the reflectors on both sides make it easier to handle. This can speed up the time spent in setting up the set giving more time to shoot.


24″ 5-in- 1 Portable Triangle from Neewer

Like some of their other products, this set comes with all five colors of the reflector series. White, black, gold, silver and translucent. This set is small than most of the others making it easier to carry and use. The small size is great for small amounts of light but it reflects them as well as a larger reflector does. The handle is equipped with heavy materials and easy to handle. Although there are many reflectors to choose from it is good to choose a good brand. If you pay less for the reflector then the quality will not be as great as you wanted. Take the time to choose the best one for each photograph. It is the photographers choice in the end.


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