These Period-Proof Underwear Might Just Put An End To Your Tampon Collection (@SheTHINX)

SheTHINX: Leak Proof Underwear & Panties

Yep yep you read that right. Is it that time of the month? Thinx is an awesome new line of underwear created with built in technology that can back up or completely replace your tampons. I know it may sound weird, but trust, it’s quite the opposite.

Anti-microbial, stain-resistant, and super absorbent times four! 4 layers of protection. Thinx is definetely a game changer and they’ve got you covered.

As if Thinx wasn’t awesome enough, they’ve partnered with Afripads to manufacture 7 cloth pads for African women and girls who need them. You may not have known or have even thought about this but, millions of girls in developing countries have to miss weeks of school because of their periods. Thinx is a bold product with a bold mission.

Click here to check out Thinx Underwear

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