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Huel Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacement

Meet Huel: Nutritionally Complete 100% Vegan Food Made Simple – Just Add Water

Huel offers “Nutritionally-balanced meals without complicated planning” for as low as $1.95/meal. The meals come in…

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Pyro mini fireshooter - best products for shooting fire

Ever Wanted To Shoot Fire From The Palm Of Your Hand? Now You Can.

Well technically, the fire will come from a neat little gadget attached to your wrist, but it's still pretty awesome.…

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Dave: Prevent Overdrafts With Pay Advances

This Remarkable App Prevents Overdraft Fees For Good

Banks made around $33B in overdraft fees last year alone. Now there's an app that hopes to make a huge dent in that…

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Notarize: Online 24/7 Notary Publics

How To Legally Get Your Documents Notarized From Home

Got a document that needs to be notarized? There's an app for that. Well, it's actually a website, but they have an app…

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Kanopy Streaming Movies Free

Here’s How You Can Use Your Library Card To Stream Thousands Of Movies On All Your Devices For Free

Time to make use of that library card you've got sitting in your wallet collecting dust. Thanks to a service called…

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Hulu Live TV: Watch your favorite live shows & events

Finally, You Can Completely Say Goodbye To Cable Thanks To Hulu Live TV

The main reason why most people haven't cut the cord on their cable is that they still want access to those live events…

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Urna Bios

Here’s How You Can Be Reincarnated As A Tree In Your Next Life

Well, maybe not exactly reincarnated, but trees are living things and thanks to the Bios Urn, you can become one when…

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Color treated hair

The 15 Best Shampoos to Protect Your Color Treated Hair

Regular shampoos can be harsh on colored hair and sensitive skin. Instead of watching the color slowly fade from your…

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Eat Boon

All Natural Ready-To-Eat Meals For Busy People (No Fridge or Prep Required)

Hey you! yeah, you. I know you're probably too busy to actually read this, but the fact that you're too busy to read…

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Vault: The app that automatically invests in your retirement

Who Needs A 401K? This App Helps You Save For Retirement Every Time You’re Paid

Whether you have a 401k or not, we all know or have heard about the importance of saving for retirement. If you're…

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Monthly Gift: A box of high quality womens health products

This Company Provides Everything You Need For “That Time of The Month”

Wouldn't life be so much easier if you had everything you needed for your period, always right when you needed it? One…

  • Health + Fitness
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Cheesecake in a jar

Your Tastebuds Will Thank You: Now You Can Have Your Favorite Dessert Delivered In A Jar

Now you can have your cake and eat it too...straight from a jar! The idea behind Downeast Cheesecakes' desserts in a…

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