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RocketBook Wave Smart Notebook

Put This Cloud Syncing Notebook In The Microwave & It Erases The Ink!

I wouldn't be surprised if that's the strangest title you've read. This awesome notebook  allows you to instantly send…

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Best Natural Skin Care Brands

5 Awesome Skin Care Brands You Should Check Out

Whеthеr you’re looking fоr organic ѕkіn саrе оr paraben-free makeup, thеrе are рlеntу of choices that…

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Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut Celebrity

The 17 Best Hair Styling Products For Your Pixie Cut

In life, we are protective of many things but not many of these sit above our hair on the list. Over the years, we have…

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Grillbots: The Robots That Clean Your Grill

Just In Time For The Summer: Meet The Robot That Cleans Your Grill

It seems more and more as if those old Jetsons cartoons are becoming a reality. Although flying cars haven't quite made…

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LIFT protein paleo muffins

Mother-Son Team Launches Amazing Protein Packed Meal Replacement Muffins

Whether you’re a busy professional on the run, a student on a budget, an athlete in training, or just a “regular”…

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The Pocket Shot & Hammer

The Pocket Shot Isn’t Your Average, Everyday Slingshot, Not Even Close

This isn't your old fashioned slingshot, nope. Not even close.  If you ever wanted something beyond a slingshot that…

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Nugget: Versatile Furniture That's Better Than Beanbags & Futons

If Your Beanbag & Futon Had A Baby, This Awesome Piece Of Furniture Would Be It

Beanbags are awesome and futons are great, but they both are lacking in certain areas. Take beanbags, their soft and…

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Fracture: Your Photos Printed On Glass

This Company Perfectly Prints Your Favorite Photos Directly Onto Glass. No Frame Required

The most common way to display our photo-captured memories is to buy a frame and slide the photo into it. This works,…

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Portable cordless impact wrench kit photo

The Best Tested and Proven Cordless Impact Wrenches Money Can Buy

If you have ever encountered a corroded nut or stubborn fitting & found yourself straining until you started…

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Hatch Pet: The Pet Simulator App That's Like Tamagotchi For Your Phone

Remember Tamagotchi Pets? This IPhone App Is The Next Best Thing

Everyone loves their dogs and cats, but who says there's not enough room for one more? If you ever remember having a…

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Windcatcher Airpad 2: The Sleeping Pad That Inflates In Seconds

As Seen On Shark Tank: This Amazing Sleeping Pad Inflates In Seconds With No Pumping

Chances are if you like to travel or consider yourself a camping aficionado, then you know how important it is to pack…

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CLR CFF: Clear Coffee Is The First Colorless Coffee In The World

It’s Clear Why People Love This Coffee That Doesn’t Stain Your Teeth

The love for coffee is oh so real. There are many of us who would drink it more than water, given the chance. Although…

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