How To Get That Flawless Ombre Hair Look No Matter Your Hair Type

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The ombre hair style is growing more and more popular. The trend that seems to have been initiated by celebrities has now been adopted by many fashionable women. It is a technique in which the hair is colored with two colors. The hairs at the roots are a darker color, whereas the tips of the hairs are lighter colored. This technique is possible in every type of hair, whether it be long or short, straight or curly. You will find that this hairstyle just may become one of your favorite go-to styles.

What’s the single best product for ombre hair?


L’Oreal Paris Feria Brush-On Intense Ombre Effect Hair Color

L’Oreal really takes the cake with this product. Their intense ombre hair color is the most effective on the market for getting the desired ombre look. They offer several colors to choose from so you don’t have to worry about being limited. Many choose the Feria brush on hair color as an alternative to bleaching the tips of their hair simply because bleaching can do serious damage. This product makes ombre easy so you don’t have to be scared of messing anything up. The kit comes with a comb that really allows you to control how much ombre you want for your hair. What you’ll love about the Feria ombre hair coloring is how quickly you can have hair that looks like you just came from a salon.

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Different Types Of Ombre Hair Color

You can color your hair with different gradation of colors. You can get ombre style on your   natural blonde color into light brown hair. Dark hair can be made light at the end. It is quite tough to convert the dark color hair into light color. You need to bleach the tips of the hair to decolorize them. Therefore, you should go for a protein treatment before starting this ombre process. You can also get ombre hair style with your natural dark-colored hair. So as you can see, there are many combinations of hair colors you can get.

Red Ombre hair (the most popular trend)

Hair coloring has become a very popular fashion trend these days. You will find females of all age groups are coloring their hair in unique colors, apart from black or brown. Red Ombre hair color is one of the most popular hair styles. You can enhance your appearance’s personality by coloring your hair tip with red coloring. This particular hair dyeing technique is also quite popular among the teens with short length hair. So, you can try this particular red color ombre hair on any length.

Choosing The Right Ombre Hair Color

There are many types of hair dye color in ombre, but you need to take care of few things before dying your hair. You should choose the color according to your profession and your wardrobe collection. If you are a working lady, you should not go for red ombre, as red colored hair is not commonly compatible with office outfits. Ombre hair with light brown tips or blonde tips is perfect for the working woman. However, red ombre hair is quite compatible with the celebrities, when they work it on the red carpet. You should also think of your wardrobe collection as all type of ombre hair colors do not match with all sort of dresses.

How To Look After Your Ombre Hair

Ombre hair needs special care, otherwise you may lose the hair color. You should wash your ombre hair with a good quality shampoo and must apply conditioner to them. You will find many of the best products for ombre hair care in your local beauty supply. You should buy a suitable product after consulting with your hair expert. You can ask for more queries from a beauty salon or from your beauty experts. They will also recommend various types of unique techniques to look after your ombre hair.

Ombre Hair Care For Those of Us With Straight Hair

Whether you decided to go with our advice and use L’oreal’s Ombre hair color or if you went with another product (if you did, be sure to leave a comment!) This video covers how to take care of your ombre hair, specifically if you have straight hair. Enjoy!