If Your Beanbag & Futon Had A Baby, This Awesome Piece Of Furniture Would Be It

Nugget: Versatile Furniture That's Better Than Beanbags & Futons

Beanbags are awesome and futons are great, but they both are lacking in certain areas. Take beanbags, their soft and versatile, but they basically absorb you. Futons on the other hand are great because they can turn into a bed, but they are clunky and difficult to move. If you’re looking for a better piece of furniture, we’ve definitely found it.

The limitless possibilities of Nugget are what make it so cool. 4 pieces that give you the freedom to do whatever you want & sit comfortably however you’d like. So whether you want to make a throne, a hammock, a bed, or a lounger; you’re good to go. The light material make it the most portable couch you can find.

Photo Credit: @NuggetComfort

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