These Awesome Supplements Will Give Your Dog A Brain Boost

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Your dog puts in long hours. More than that, he never ever clocks out. His work ethic is world renowned, giving birth to the phrase “working like a dog”.  Forget about all of that. Nootrodog empowers your dog to work smarter, not harder. Introduced by Birdnip as the world’s first nootropic for dogs, this canine supplement is changing the game, for dogs anyway. A nootropic, for those who are honest enough to admit they don’t know, is a supplement which improves cognitive function. All of a sudden, the fog has cleared and now the name makes sense. What a feeling! Imagine how your dog will feel when Nootrodog clears his fog too.


Nootrodog has been developed by the canine-minded innovators at Birdnip to promote strengthening the mind and cognitive clarity in your dog. It does all of this without sacrificing his physical health. Among what Birdnip calls the “Clarity Ingredients” are kelp, beet, and shiitake mushroom. The icing on the cake? Nootropic has been engineered to appeal to your dog’s palate. The catch? Well, there isn’t one. Birdnip has gone above and beyond delivering on its mission to unlock the full potential of dogs.


Getting ahold of Nootrodog is super simple. Dosage is different for small, medium and large dogs. Pick the dosage that corresponds to your dog’s weight then order a one month supply at the click of your mouse. Fans of convenience that they are, Birdnip has monthly subscription plans so that you never miss a day.


An added bonus? Reach forward into your word of the day calendar and tear out the day dedicated to the word “nootropic”. Instead, pencil in a day of mind games and trivia with your dog ????.


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