Drink Your Meditation & Find Your Zen with Moment

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One of Moment’s mottos is, “Drink Your Meditation.” The goal of this drink isn’t really to replace meditation with a beverage, rather it’s to give you a bit of the calm and energy meditation provides in a drinkable format.

Moment sells three different flavors of canned, uncarbonated, non-caffeinated beverages. They have no sugar and contain ingredients like sweet Meyer lemon, Ceylon cinnamon, rooibos. Blood orange, and L-theanine (found in green tea). 

The main focus of Moment drinks is the presence of something called adaptogens, including ashwagandha, an ancient medicinal herb. Adaptogens supposedly help your body manage stress. 

You can buy Moment drinks in six or 12 packs, as well as by subscription. The subscriptions are either for one 12 pack every two weeks or one 12 pack per month. The bi-monthly subscription is currently $29 on the Moment site. Moment flavors are Tulsi Lemon, Rooibos Blood Orange, and Hibiscus Dragon Fruit, or you can get a variety pack.

Nutritionally, Moment drinks are basically fancy juice. They use stevia and erythritol instead of sugar and pack in adaptogens and various fruit juices, spices, and herbs. If you’re interested in an herbal supplement to your mindfulness meditation, this may be your Moment.