This Pillow Was Designed For People Who Wear Glasses But Also Enjoy Laying On The Couch

There are some problems that only people with glasses will understand. The most annoying of these is how complicated it can be to lay down and watch TV. What should be relaxing and not at all complicated is a bit of a fiasco for those of us with glasses. If you wear glasses, you know how it goes. The second your head hits the pillow, couch, or mattress, your glasses stop cooperating. They get pushed out of place and start digging into your skin. You try resting your head on your arm to no avail. Take off your glasses and you can’t see the television anymore.

Finally, relief is on its way. The LaySee Pillow is designed specifically for this problem. Because of its smart design, this pillow allows you to rest your head without messing up your glasses. Unlike other pillows, the LaySee has a sort of valley across its middle.  This valley lets the temples of your glasses fall a little deeper into the pillow. None of your head’s weight lands on your glasses so that when you settle your head, your frames stay right in place. Now you don’t have to deal with the irritating pressure of your glasses pressing into your face.  To maximize your comfort, the pillow is composed of natural latex, a breathable material which typically lasts years longer than the traditional pillow.

Thanks to the LaySee pillow, you can enjoy laying down to watch your favorite shows and movies just like everyone else. It’s so masterfully designed, you might even be more comfortable than everyone else.


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