This Time Locked Safe Will Help You Reduce Cravings & Control Temptation

KSafe - Kitchen Safe: Reduce Cravings & Increase Willpower With This Time Locked Safe

If you’re like me then you like to snack. I’m certain that snacking is my favorite pastime. The thing about snacking is that it can typically lead to some unwanted weight gains and can ultimately sabotage our beach bodies ­čśë or whatever weight loss goals we had for ourselves . Yes, snacking is an issue, no matter how enjoyable it is. Luckily there is a device that helps us minimize our cravings and just about any other temptations we might have.

This device is the KSafe (formerly Kitchen Safe) and it helps you control all of your temptations by locking them up for a period of time. You can choose to keep yourself from your desires from one minute up to ten days. Whether it’s snacks, cigarettes, smartphones, etc. You can learn to┬áincrease your willpower and overcome your addictions. Because hey, admitting is the first step.

Photo Credit: @mimiktech