Your Hair Should Be For Keeps: This Product Helps Men Prevent Hair Loss Before It Ever Begins

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Hair loss is nothing for a man to be embarrassed by. But many men don’t subscribe to that kind of thinking. If your personal preference skews toward having a full head of hair, potential hair loss can cause you endless anxiety. So rather than react to hair loss in the moment, wouldn’t you rather take action in advance? Keeps allows you to do just that.


Keeps is a hair loss prevention and treatment program. Affordability and convenience are the hallmarks of this startup and it shows. Maybe you hear treatment program and it sounds like a lot of annoying visits to the doctor and long pharmacy lines. On the contrary. Keeps will connect you with a doctor who will assess your situation and recommend a treatment plan. From there, Keeps mails your treatment kit to your front door. The treatment programs utilize Finasteride and Minoxidil, two medications approved by the FDA and scientifically proven to slow hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The best part? Keeps does it all for less than the other guys. Treatments start at $10 a month depending on your treatment plan and each plan comes with free around the clock support from Keeps care consultants.


A man shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about hair loss. But if he is, he shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to spare himself embarrassment. And he definitely shouldn’t have to be inconvenienced because of it. Because of Keeps, he doesn’t have to.


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