Sleep Better And Focus Longer With This Premium Eyewear Designed To Relieve Digital Eye Strain

Do you have trouble sleeping? Feel eye strain after long hours of being online? You’re not alone.

Studies show that we spend on average 10 hours and 39 minutes per day staring into our screens. With every second spent staring at a screen, harmful blue light is emitting towards our eye. Research shows that blue light exposure can negatively impact different parts of our brain and body. These include digital eye strain, disruption of our sleep cycle, macular cellular damage, headaches, and more.

This is where iGOTHAM’s eyewear comes in. We started iGOTHAM out of necessity to solve a global issue that is only growing faster by the day.

As entrepreneurs burning the midnight oil, we personally experienced the negative effects of blue light. Our quality of sleep was deterring, mild headaches began to occur, and focusing for long periods of time became more difficult. But like many of you, using our smartphones and laptops was just part of our daily lifestyle. So we designed a solution where you could have cake and eat it too.

The mission for iGOTHAM is to help everyone work and live healthier. Our premium lenses block 85 to 100% of the harmful blue light emitting from our screens and indoor lights to help you sleep better and focus longer. Compared to your regular eyewear lenses, iGOTHAM’s premium lenses block 4x more harmful blue light from entering your eyes.

To accomplish this lofty mission of having the global mass adopt our healthy eyewear brand, we knew that we had to be world-class in 3 core things:

Offer top quality lenses, with designer brand styles, at remarkable prices.

By selling directly to our customers online, and processing our products locally in the United States, we’re able to provide designer style, premium blue light blocking eye glasses at a remarkable price.

Sleep better. Focus longer. Look great.

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