Now You Can Share Access To Your Accounts Without Giving Out Your Username/Password

We all have friends and family that we love. However when it comes to trust, it might be a bit of a different story. Seriously, how many of your Facebook friends would you trust with your password? Whatever the answer, it doesn’t matter because you can now share your sacred accounts (like Netflix) without giving out your password.

AccessURL is a google chrome extension that uses internet magic to give full access to your accounts for a limited time. It’s completely secure since you don’t actually give accessurl your username or password.

It works like this: You log into whatever account you want to share and browse to the page that you want them to have access to. Once you’re on the page, you just click the AccessURL button on your browser and it will give you a unique link. You then set the time that you want the link to expire. If for some reason you give your friend access and then you find out they’ve been eating your pizza, you can just log out, and they’ll automatically be kicked off as well.

That’ll teach them. This really is a cool extension and it allows the awkwardness of giving someone your password that you use for pretty much everything. Click here to check it out

Photo Credit: @KarunaShilotri


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