Woo-Sah! Keep Calm and Practice Meditation & Mindfulness with Headspace

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You’re not alone in yearning for some peace. Many people have turned to mindfulness meditation to deal with the stress of current world events and Headspace has the goods.

Founded in 2010, Headspace is the brainchild of Andi Puddicome and Rich Pierson. Its goal is to help people lead happier, healthier lives by using the techniques Andi learned during his training as a Buddhist monk.

They could not possibly have imagined a world in such dire need of tools to calm anxiety, deal with change, and improve sleep. Headspace has become the go-to platform for self-care during the pandemic and its concomitant social upheaval.

The Headspace app has a free version and a subscription version (as well as a free trial). The free version is a little sparse, but a good introduction to the concepts. 

The subscription version has hundreds of features for improving mindfulness, addressing anxiety and stress, guided meditations, sleep improvement, and more.  

What you may not realize is that Headspace also has a terrific website that you can access for free. Filled with articles and other content, it’s a great way to explore tools to handle the extreme stress that is now part of our daily lives.

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