These Coats are Not Only Fashionable, But PETA-Approved, Vegan Also

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Harper Coats is taking the sometimes arduous chore of coat shopping and paring it down to the basics—timeless styles at affordable prices. If you can’t imagine a company selling three coats and a hat keeping you browsing on their site for an hour, it’s time for you to meet Harper.

Harper has a handful of goals that drive their business. They want to provide warm, stylish coats that fit well and look great. They also strive to make a reliable, durable, and reality friendly product that you can throw in the washer. Finally, they are a cruelty-free, PETA vegan-approved business that uses non-animal, sustainable materials and processes. 

Their coats (and hat) are effortlessly stylish and reasonably priced. Harper wants to fight coat snobbery by offering products with the quality of high-end designer coats but at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the carbon footprint.

Harper’s move away from animal products was deliberate and well researched. They continue to invest in improved sustainability and the reduction of their carbon footprint, something the fashion industry has notoriously ignored. Added bonuses? Their coats are versatile and fabulous and their website is sleek and easy to navigate.