The 15 Best Shampoos to Protect Your Color Treated Hair

Regular shampoos can be harsh on colored hair and sensitive skin. Instead of watching the color slowly fade from your hair from harsh shampoos and wasting the money you spent at the salon, you can protect your color and make it shine longer using a quality, color protecting shampoo. No matter what size budget or

The 17 Best Hair Styling Products For Your Pixie Cut

In life, we are protective of many things but not many of these sit above our hair on the list. Over the years, we have learned just how different one person can look with a different hairstyle and this has enabled us to experiment more than ever. For example, the pixie cut has been in

Must-Haves For Men: The Best Beard Care & Growth Products

Many men see their beards as precious and requiring lots of TLC. In fact, so precious that maintaining a beard can become the central part of a man’s grooming routine. This is because a beard “a man can be proud of” is one that’s well-groomed as well as full and smooth. This look isn’t one that’s

Want Flawless Curls? The 5 Best Products For Curly Hair

Curly hair is making a comeback, and more girls than ever are ditching the straightener and wearing their hair curly and wavy. With so many hair products available on the market these days, it can be overwhelming to choose the right product. Especially when it comes to curly hair. But don’t worry; we’ve compiled a

Get The Bathroom Essentials You Need, When You Want – Never Run Out

You can keep your bathroom and body care supplies in stock with ease now that Morgans exists! They are a bathroom/hygiene subscription company designed to make your life simple by providing natural affordable products direct to your doorstep. Just choose the products you use and how often you need to restock and walah! You’ll never need

Want To Rock Your Short Hair Flawlessly? Get These Top Products

Attention ladies: Here Are The Best Products For Short Hair Slayage Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence & Gina Rodriguez, what do these beautiful women all have in common, aside from being amazingly talented celebs? They know how to slay the short hair look. It should come as no surprise that shorter hair styles are going to

These Products Are The Secrets To Restore Your Dry or Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged hair will make everyday seem like a bad hair day; when you start to notice your hair easily breaks, the real problem is a lack of moisture in your hair and/or scalp (fact). We’ve hunted down the best treatment products for healing and restoring dry and damaged hair to it’s former glory…Fast.

The Best 10 [Almost Top Secret] Hair Care Products For Natural Hair

The question that many people of color have after seeing tons of hair product commercials that are obviously not targeted at them is “what are the best products for MY hair?”. Your natural hair is something you ought to be embracing. It is, often times, a major piece of your identity. Plus, wearing your hair

How To Get That Flawless Ombre Hair Look No Matter Your Hair Type

The ombre hair style is growing more and more popular. The trend that seems to have been initiated by celebrities has now been adopted by many fashionable women. It is a technique in which the hair is colored with two colors. The hairs at the roots are a darker color, whereas the tips of the hairs

Scrunching Hair? Do It With The Best Products

Hair scrunching is a popular easy-to-do technique, it’s super simple and adds volume and texture to your hair, producing some pretty amazing results if done properly. Finding the best products for scrunching your hair can be difficult, so we’ve decided to help you out and also threw in some extra tips in order to make sure you

The Best Hair Thinning/Hair Loss Fixes On The Market

Thinning hair & hair loss are both is a problem that many of us face everyday. When we start to notice it, one of the first things we all do is panic and think that our hair thinning leads to hair loss and hair loss leads to being bald. We start to scour the web