Just In Time For The Summer: Meet The Robot That Cleans Your Grill

It seems more and more as if those old Jetsons cartoons are becoming a reality. Although flying cars haven’t quite made it to the mainstream market, we have the next best thing 🙂 A robot that cleans your grill, because lets face it, you’ve got much better things you could be doing. — I’m sure a cooking robot is in the works!

Yes, the robots are here and they just want to help us clean. Check out Grillbots here if you’re planning on tossing some items on the grill. Now you can cook and eat with the only focus of cleaning your plate, not cleaning the grill. If you love the idea of cleaning robots, there are plenty that clean your carpet and there’s even one that cuts your grass. So yes the robots are taking over, but I don’t think we’ll have to worry about a mass takeover….yet.

Photo Credit: @GrillBots

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