Get Paid For Every Mile You Drive In Your Car

There’s a new app that allows you to turn those car miles into cash. Well, not cash exactly but giftcards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.

It’s called Mileup and it’s a pretty straightforward app, just download it, take a few seconds to set it up and you’ll begin to rack up points for every mile you drive. You get 2 points for each mile and 1000 miles = $5 gift card so if you’re on the road a lot this can really pay off. They even offer a bonus $250 gift card if you’re in a verified car accident.

The app uses your cellphone’s sensors to track your driving activity and this data allows the company (Cross Country Service) to improve their accident detection technology & help make the roads safer for everyone. click here to check it out

Photo Credit: @MileUpApp

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