Get 100% Custom Fitted T-Shirts Designed To Be The Best Damn Tee You’ve Ever Worn

Custom Fitted T-Shirts & Tees

Did you know 80% of people don’t fit into industry standard sizes. You’re probably thinking “My shirt fits just fine!”. Well you’re either a part of the 20% minority that fits into the typical tee, or you’ve just never graced your body with a custom fitting tee, so you don’t know what a perfect fitting shirt feels like.

Either way…

Everybody knows that custom is better. It’s unique, in fact each and every person on this planet is custom, so why not rock a tee that’s just for you?

T-Shirt aficionados at Son of a Tailor are out to change the game. It’s a simple concept, yet so unheard of. They create the perfect tee for you and ship it to your door for free. Oh yeah and let’s not forget the perfect fit guarantee. Boom shakalaka.

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