You Can Forget Your Flyswatter, This Air Powered Rifle Kills Flies & It’s A Blast!

Flies bugging you? Now you can shoot em dead with a gun that fires high powered bursts of…salt. Yes, that’s right you can kill those pesky flies without the disgusting squashing that comes with using a flyswatter.

The Bug-A-Salt rifle uses ordinary table salt to kill flies and other insects. The gun itself is plastic and doesn’t require anything except salt. Just load it up (holds enough for 50 shots), aim, and fire. Now you can actually enjoy the disgusting task of killing flies.

This gun is revolutionary. It combines 2 of my favorite things, destroying flies and shooting stuff. But why stop there, got a baked potato that could use some more salt? Pow! Need to add a bit of flavor to that chicken noodle soup? Pow! The possibilities are endless! Click here to check it out

Photo Credit: @bugasalt


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