These Are The Best Products For Volumizing Your Fine Hair

fine hair blowing in wind
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If you have fine hair, you may find it challenging to find the right products and the right style that will suit your hair type. Fine hair tends to be resistant to styling and can easily fall flat despite various styling efforts. Fine hair also becomes oily or greasy with regular hair products, which can further make your hair limp.

The best way to know how to choose the right styles and the best products for fine hair is to understand how it behaves. Fine hair typically has the following characteristics:

  • Less hair protein content per strand compared to thick hair.
  • Measures less in hair diameter and circumference.
  • More flexible than thicker hair.
  • Translucent when held out in the light.
  • Less resistant to abrasions and more vulnerable to damage.
  • More resistant to twisting or curling.

Fine hair is usually confused with thin hair. However, the two are entirely different by characteristic. That is why using products designed for thin or thinning hair is not always the best choice for your fine hair. Here are the best products for fine hair that you should be trying, instead of relying on hair “thickening” products that you may not actually need:

Best Shampoos For Fine Hair

Fine hair tends to be flat or limp, so the type of shampoo you need is a volumizing shampoo. You won’t necessarily need a thickening or hair loss shampoo unless you have fine, thin/thinning hair. Volumizing shampoos give your hair a lifting boost that will add more volume or body to your locks. It is important to note, however, that volumizing shampoos can dry your scalp and make your hair more prone to damage if used more frequently than necessary. It is recommended that you shampoo only 3 to 4 times a week to avoid the overproduction of oil (a normal reaction of the scalp to compensate for moisture loss) and drying of hair strands to the point of brittleness. You can try Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo or Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo for boosting more volume with less dryness.

Another great shampoo option that you should use is a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are good for removing hair-build-ups and oils that can weigh your hair down even more. You don’t have to use clarifying shampoo as often as volumizing shampoo; using it once a week is enough to maintain your hair free of product build-ups. Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo is one of the most popular choices on the market currently.


Best Volumizing Hair Conditioner

Your volumizing shampoo should be paired with a volumizing hair conditioner if you plan to add more volume to your hair. The use of a conditioner is also the best way to replenish moisture loss that can cause your scalp to overproduce oil. If you have naturally oily scalp, you should avoid applying the conditioner directly on your crown or hair roots because it’ll cause your hair to become limp. Conditioners are best applied on the ends of shafts of the hair strands because those are the parts that tend to be the driest. Also, though volumizing conditioners are lighter than other types of conditioners, it should be applied lightly or just enough to cover the length of your hair’s ends. Applying too much will lead to too much moisture and less volume. One of the best conditioners you can try is Living Proof Full Conditioner, which is a light body boosting conditioner.


Best Fine Hair Treatments

There aren’t too many in-salon hair treatments for fine hair. Because fine hair is more fragile than thick hair, you should avoid hair treatments that involve a lot of heat and chemicals. There are volumizing hair treatments available though, like the Fusio Dose Densifique of Kerastase. This volumizing treatment gives hair a revitalized texture and lively volume that can last up to a month (or less if you shampoo frequently).

Hair treatment products that you can use at home may also work if you don’t want to regularly spend money on salon treatments. You can choose from a wide range of volumizing deep conditioning treatments like Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for Fine Hair and L’Oreal EverPure Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask.


Best Styling Products

There are a wide range of hair volumizing and texturizing products to choose from for your hair, but you should only use a few at a time to avoid putting too many products on that might build-up on your scalp and hair.

The best styling products for fine hair that you can use are mousses, hair sprays, serums, dry shampoos, and gels. A mousse, like Redken Guts 10 Volumizing Foam, can help your hair hold a textured style longer without drying out your hair strands. Hair sprays that can effectively add volume and texture to your locks are sea salt sprays like the OUAI Sea Salt Spray, and volumizing sprays like the BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray.

Most of these after shower products are applied before blow drying because these products need the heat from the dryer to activate the volumizing or texturizing components that will give your hair the lifted look it needs. Also, like using conditioners, styling products should be applied to the ends of shafts, not the roots to avoid them from weighing your hair down.


Best Hair Styles For Fine Hair

Aside from using the best products for fine hair, choosing the best hairstyle is another important aspect of achieving and maintaining your desired hair volume. For people with fine hair, most hairstyles are no problem; however, there are some styles that must be avoided to prevent your locks from limping further.

The best styles you should try are shoulder-length blunt cuts, choppy pixies, asymmetrical bobs and lobs, and light layers. Opting for shorter hairstyles will work best for your locks because longer locks will add more weight and therefore weigh your hair down even further. Asymmetry and layers give the illusion of volume because the locks are given a natural bounce.

Choosing the best products for fine hair doesn’t have to be complicated if you know what products to look for and how they work on your hair. If you are unsure of what to do or buy, you can just ask your stylist or some friends whose hair type is the same as yours but look fantastically voluminous all the time. You can try all the volumizing products you want, but researching and reading reviews will help you narrow down your choices and save money on products that may not actually work for your hair.