Felix Gray: Non-Rx Eyewear Designed for Happy Eyes in the Digital Age

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Felix Gray was created as a means to relieve our tired, strained eyes, blurred vision, and nightly headaches — all symptoms we discovered were the result of having spent long hours in front of our computer screens working as analysts in technology and finance. 
As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones experiencing this problem…

We asked around and found our friends and colleagues all felt the same way. After a quick Google search, we found more than 83 percent of Americans report using digital devices for more than two hours per day with 60.5 percent reporting experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain, and the issue was becoming more prevalent among younger, tech-savvy generations*. This was a problem that everyone was experiencing, but no one was talking about, so we created our own solution: Felix Gray — a functional eyewear brand for the digital age.

Our proprietary lens technology filters out harmful blue light while eliminating glare — two main culprits behind Digital Eye Strain — while still remaining crystal clear and available in non-Rx and standard reading magnifications. It is important to us that Felix Gray eyewear expertly balance function with fashion (so, glasses we’d actually feel confident wearing in and out of the office). Thus, we source the highest quality Italian acetate, premium hardware, and finish every pair by hand as ordered.

Prior to our launch, we tested hundreds of frames with over one thousand professionals at companies like Google, Barclays, Spotify, and LinkedIn to curate a collection of eyewear that would look great on most everyone and fit comfortably — all at an affordable price point, starting at $95. Our core collection includes five timeless frame styles with a modern twist. These five frame styles (Turing, Nash, Faraday, Roebling, and Jemison) were inspired by our favorite scientists and mathematicians that each played a role in introducing the digital revolution.


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