Why Drink Water From A Bottle? Boxed Water is Better, Here’s Why.

Boxed Water Is Better For The Environment

We all know how important water is to our overall health. I mean on average the human body is 50-60% made up of water. Michigan based company Boxed Water Is Better (yes, that’s the name) understands just how important water is to humans AND how harmful it can be to the planet when drank from those plastic water bottles.

Only about 14% of plastic water bottles get recycled. So where does the other 86% go? to landfills, the ocean, and who knows where else. In fact everything about plastic is more harmful to the environment than cardboard, from it’s creation to it’s end.

Boxed Water is Better is doing lots to help our environment & since it’s OUR environment, you’re either helping it or hurting it. Be mindful.

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