Know Those $200 Jeans You Want? Here They Are For Under $100

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There’s not a lot of places where you can get high quality selvedge denim for under $200. Under $100 is basically unheard of, that is, until a company decided to change things.

Gustin denim provides luxury selvedge denim jeans at wholesale prices. They started back in early 2013 as a kickstarter campaign and based on that success, they’ve continued to kill it. Starting at $81 (you just can’t beat that),the jeans are handmade in San Francisco and include all the details you would expect to find in a $200 pair.

So what’s the secret? Crowdsourcing. They crowdsource all of their jeans. They design the different jeans, you back the pair that you love the most & they deliver them straight to you. Obviously, this is extremely different to how other companies sell jeans, and you do have to wait until the jeans get backed before you get them, but chances are you won’t find a company that consistently creates this level of quality selvedge denim jeans at a similar price point.
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Photo Credit: @commeuncamion