This Device Will Help You Breathe Better Air @GetAwair

We spend every every waking moment of our lives breathing, but how often do we actually think about what we’re breathing in?Awair is a company that’s dedicated to helping you breathe better by testing your air and letting you know what’s in it. All this is done with the goal of helping you breathe easier.

The company has just released a new device called Glow. The glow is a device that monitors the air in your home and alerts you to any toxins or chemicals. The device comes with an app that provides you with the insights you need to stay safe and healthy. The Glow can do more than just track what’s in your air. If you have devices such as humidifiers, fans, air conditioners, etc. You can set them to come on when glow identifies your air quality is dropping.

And if that wasn’t enough, the glow even comes with a nightlight (the reason behind the name i’m guessing). This makes it great for children’s rooms. The Glow also works with the Awair (the flagship product) so that you can monitor the air quality all throughout your home. Click here to check it out

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