Boxabl Creates Tiny Homes That Are Amazingly Built Like a Box

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The tiny house movement has been taking hold for some time now, with more people wanting to live on less than ever before. This is a great way to encourage minimalism, take up less space on the planet, and get back to our roots, in a sense. It’s been proven time and again that we don’t actually need all the belongings we acquire throughout our lives; in fact, we can be quite happy in a small dwelling with the basic necessities! This doesn’t mean we can’t be comfortable, however, and many tiny homeowners are proving that their lives are quite fulfilled.

Boxabl is a retailer of tiny homes, just launching recently with their unique business model. In a nutshell, their tiny homes are delivered to your build site, put together in a day or less, and you’re officially a tiny homeowner! Their first model, the Casita, is set to start shipping within the year. They’re currently working on expanding their warehouse space so they can meet the demand of the orders they’re receiving — it seems as though everyone wants one, and for good reason!