Must-Haves For Men: The Best Beard Care & Growth Products

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Many men see their beards as precious and requiring lots of TLC. In fact, so precious that maintaining a beard can become the central part of a man’s grooming routine. This is because a beard “a man can be proud of” is one that’s well-groomed as well as full and smooth.

This look isn’t one that’s easily achieved, but it can be achieved through the use of the best beard care and growth products. Below is a list of oils, combs, conditioners and more products that can help improve the quality and length of a beard. You’ll have the beard of a greek god in no time!

The Must Have Products For Beard Care + Growth

Beard Balm – All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner

Beard Balm is an all-natural leave-in-conditioner that protects beards from heat and other harsh conditions. It’s formulated to control tangles and frizz, reduce patchiness, relieve itchiness and dryness, prevent split ends and soften whiskers. Plus, it works on all facial hair, no matter the length or type. The balm is made with natural ingredients, including coconut oil, grape seed oil, beeswax and lanolin, which creates a moisturizer that will soften the skin and beard for a long time.

Beard Grow XL – Facial Hair Growth Supplement

Beard Grow XL is one of the oldest beard growth supplements, the original growth supplement and still a leader in the industry. It’s a vitamin that’s designed to support beard health and growth. The vitamin is considered one of the best products for beard maintenance, as it performs well and doesn’t have any side effects.

The formula is Gluten-free, Non-GMO and contains vitamin D, which is essential for the growth of healthy hair. It’s 100% drug-free and simply considered to be a multivitamin for healthy facial hair growth. This vitamin is long-lasting and can have users seeing growth or hair quality improvement within the first week of taking it. It stimulates hair at the roots and speeds up the beard growing process.

Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner

This beard oil is designed to restore damaged or unhealthy beards. The formula can make a beard softer and easier to style. It comes in a dropper bottle and the oil can be dropped directly onto the skin. The oil is also considered one of the best beard products for growth.

It soaks easily into the beard and stimulates the hair follicles to help the beard grow as healthy as possible. Plus, it’s fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients. Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner is made with cold pressed, organic and unrefined golden jojoba oil, cold pressed, organic Moroccan Argan oil and other natural, organic ingredients. These natural ingredients balance the oils in the skin and help prevent itching and irritation. Additionally, they can revitalize the beard and make it stronger than ever.

Lipogaine Premium Organic Shampoo w/ Biotin & Argan Oil

Lipogaine is a complete shampoo solution that works great for beard growth and overall hair care. It’s infused with clinically verified ingredients, including Biotin, vitamin B6 and B12 and 17 natural DHT blockers. All of these ingredients and more make up a formula that addresses facial hair thinning and hair loss. It also addresses common causes of hair loss, including poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and age. The treatment can have all of these issues fixed and restore the health, fullness, thickness and beautiful appearance of a beard in two to four months.

EQLEF Green Sandalwood No Static Handmade Beard Pocket Comb

Beard pocket combs are made specifically for grooming, and the EQLEF pocket comb is perfect for the job. This comb lifts every strand of hair on a beard to keep it well-groomed and soft. Beards can become hard even after using some great products, which is where this pocket comb comes in.

The sandalwood comb is designed to go through the beard and make it softer and smoother without causing any pain. Because it’s double-sided, it’s especially good for grooming long beards. It’s also all natural and made completely from green sandalwood, which gives the comb it’s non-tugging properties unlike plastic pocket combs. If you have a beard, it’s a necessity and one of the best products for beard maintenance.

Brush Strokes Military-Style Boar Bristle Brush

For those who want a soft, beautifully-styled beard, this brush is a must-have. It’s made of natural bamboo wood and boar bristles that penetrate hair follicles and spread oils and balms throughout the beard scalp. This in turn polishes and maintains the natural look of each users’ facial hair.

Additionally, the boar bristles are designed to lift dust and dirt out of the hair, which keeps the beard clean without washing and makes it even cleaner after a wash. The wooden shape is comfortable, easy to grip, & gentle on the hands. It’s perfect for all hair types – doesn’t matter if it’s fine, coarse or thick.

Beard Farmer’s Ultimate Growers Kit

This is a kit that contains the best beard products for growth. It has everything a grower needs in one place – not to mention it’s a must-have in a beard maintenance collection. The kit includes:

  • Beard Growther Oil to help the beard grow faster
  • Beard Balm to protect facial hair
  • A pocket comb to keep the beard well-groomed
  • Beard shampoo to keep it clean and unclog blocked pores
  • Vitamins or supplements to promote growth and keep the beard as healthy as possible

The Ultimate Beard Growers Kit is truly a product that’s designed to keep beards healthy, clean, looking good and growing strong. Plus, the products in the kit are all natural, and contain essential oils that can restore damaged hair. The oils, balm and shampoo also have nice, light scents that last all day. It’s affordable and a great product for novice beard growers who aren’t sure what products to start with or experienced growers who just want their beard maintenance to be simplified.

Photo Credit: @FellowsEG