Meet Banza, The Protein-Packed, Chickpea Pasta Appearing Everywhere Soon

If you’re a pasta lover who isn’t able to eat it because of your diet or some other reason. Then you know too well, the struggle of trying to find an alternative that actually comes close to the taste of good pasta. Gluten free pasta has been less than stellar up until now.

This amazing new pasta from Banza (see reviews) is made from chickpeas so not only is it gluten free, but it’s twice the protein, half the carbs, & more fiber. In case you’re skeptical, chickpeas are the source of hummus, so they have a track record of goodness.

The only downside to Banza is that it can get a bit pricey. At around 5 bucks a box, you’re paying about twice as much as a good quality pasta. But if you love pasta but it doesn’t meet your nutrition standards, Banza may be the right choice.

Photo Credit: @Sysco

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