This Organic Supermeal Drink Is “The Future Of Food”

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Nobody likes being hungry. Studies show that hunger is the #1 leading cause of “Hangry-ness” all across the world. Luckily we live in an era that allows us to go from hungry to satisfied in less than 20 seconds without having to cook a single thing. Yes you read that right.

It’s called Ambronite & it’s the ultimate meal that you drink instead of eat. Made from real food ingredients, Ambronite guarantees fast nutrition that keeps you satisfied for 4 hours.  You get all of your daily needs in their healthiest form without the effort that goes into preparing an entire meal.

You may have heard of a similar drinkable meal known as Soylent, but what makes Ambronite different is the fact that they don’t use any artificiality. That means no pills, powders, or processed supplements; just real organic food (only the finest nuts and berries) the way nature intended. You can go ahead and put that protein bar back now.

Photo Credit: @Ambronite