As Seen On Shark Tank: This Amazing Sleeping Pad Inflates In Seconds With No Pumping

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Chances are if you like to travel or consider yourself a camping aficionado, then you know how important it is to pack light and pack smart. The faster you can get unpacked/set up the more time you have for your adventures.

The Windcatcher Airpad 2 (click here to see reviews) is an extremely efficient inflatable sleeping pad that inflates in seconds by pulling in surrounding air as you blow it up. The airpad uses an innovative valve that doesn’t require you to put your mouth on it, making it a lot more sanitary (and a whole lot easier on your lungs.)

When you’re ready to get up and get moving, the airpad deflates just as fast as it inflates and rolls up into a compact shape allowing you to save tons of space. Also, its worth mentioning that everything you see is everything you get. The airpad doesn’t come with any accessories making it that much more efficient.

Photo Credit: @WindCatcherGear