Quickly Get Rid of Those Furrow “11” Wrinkle Lines

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A common aging sign that many of us face at some point in our lives are known as furrow lines, 11 wrinkles, or simply 11’s. These creases typically show up in between the eyebrows as a result of muscular movement repeated over a period of time. And if they aren’t dealt with, they usually end up creasing more and causing deeper lines and let’s be honest, nobody wants a miniature grand canyon smack in the middle of their face.

There are a range of products that work great at ridding you of the furrow 11 lines, so what I’ve done here is compiled the best of the best in order to save you time (no trial and error) and money (no need for botox). If you’re wondering what to do about your 11’s, you can stop now. Side tip: Stick to the end to check out a video that shows you how (with or without these products) you get rid of the furrow 11 lines and any other wrinkles for good.

The Top Products On The Market

Nu Skin True Face Line Corrector

Nu Skin spends billions of dollars on research and development in order to make sure their anti-aging products do exactly what they’re meant to. The Nu Skin line corrector is one of those products that is often imitated by many other brands, but if you really want to get rid of those 11 lines, you can’t go wrong with line corrector.
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Algenist Firming & Lifting Serum Cream

The name says it all. Firming and lifting is exactly what you’ll get with this cream from Algenist. Daily use of this product will show results in just a few weeks. You’ll be rid of those vertical furrow wrinkles in no time.
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Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX

You may or may not have heard about Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging products, but they have quite a positive reputation in terms of being effective for removing the 11 lines and just about every other wrinkle you may face *no pun intended*. As with any anti-aging product, it won’t just happen overnight, but you’ll start to see results fairly quickly.
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Another useful tip is to use anti-aging eye cream to combat the 11’s wrinkles. Of course, this shouldn’t be your primary product for this, but if you are already using the anti-aging eye cream, take a bit that you have leftover on your fingertips and rub in between your eyebrows. Results may take a couple weeks longer, but it’s useful if you’ve already got some on your counter.

Get Rid Of Furrow 11 Line Wrinkles Guaranteed

Now, these 4 products work great on their own, but as with most products, if you do one extra thing it can not only lead to results faster but also make the results last longer. In this case, it’s an ancient massage technique that when used together with any of the products above will give you a younger appearance. Click here to watch the video now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove/REDUCE 11’s lines on my forehead Naturally?

The 11 lines or frown lines on your forehead can be minimized by using the recommended products above. You can also learn the techniques to remove any wrinkles that may come up now or in the future by watching this video here. If you’re not worried about any other wrinkles beside the frown wrinkles on your forehead, the video below provides a few tips that will do the trick. Keep in mind that these methods take longer but cost virtually nothing.

how can i prevent 11 lines from showing up On My Forehead?

So you want to prevent the 11 forehead wrinkles from showing up, great job on being proactive. The best thing you can do to minimize your chances of having the lines show up is to use anti-aging creams and find a good pair of sunglasses. Why sunglasses? Well many times, the 11 lines come from squinting, the sunglasses help you to cut back on squinting…however if a lot of your squinting is done indoors, then you may want to see an optometrist about getting some prescription eyeglasses.

what causes These 11 lines in the first place?

Whenever you find yourself squinting, frowning, or concentrating on a task, you may or may not be aware of how your eyebrows move and contract. This causes your skin to fold and furrow. Over the years as we habitually make the same expressions, the wrinkles begin to remain even when we are relaxing.

tl;dr: Every time you make a facial expression, wrinkles begin to form. The more you make the same expression, the deeper the wrinkle.

These wrinkles have come to be known as the 11’s because they tend to show up in pairs along the muscles that run from our foreheads to our noses. These muscles power most of our facial expressions whether we realize we’re making them or not.