Here’s How You Can Be Reincarnated As A Tree In Your Next Life

Well, maybe not exactly reincarnated, but trees are living things and thanks to the Bios Urn, you can become one when you kick the dust. The bios urn is a 100% biodegradable urn that contains a seed capsule. It’s made so that when planted with your remains a beautiful tree will grow over time. Check it

The 15 Best Shampoos to Protect Your Color Treated Hair

Regular shampoos can be harsh on colored hair and sensitive skin. Instead of watching the color slowly fade from your hair from harsh shampoos and wasting the money you spent at the salon, you can protect your color and make it shine longer using a quality, color protecting shampoo. No matter what size budget or

The Super Nintendo Is Back & It’s Loaded With 21 Classic Games

There’s nothing quite like the glory days, playing Super Mario 3 on the super nintendo was a daily ritual. Thanks to nintendo’s love of retro, they released a mini version of the Super Nintendo that came with a number of games pre-installed (& yes, Super Mario 3 is one of them.) Unfortunately, those sold out

Fresh, Organic Baby Food Delivered To Your Door

If you’re a parent, chances are you want nothing but the best for your little bundle of joy. As with most parents, you want your child to live a better life than you. That should also include food, whether you’re a organic foodie or not, there’s no denying that it’s the better option. Now you

This Comfortable Dog Leash Is 100% Hands-Free

When it comes to keeping your dog on a leash, you want them to be comfortable, but what about you? Now you can have complete control without sacrifice. It’s called the releash and it’s the worlds first hands-free retractable leash (although you have the option to use your hands–we get it. Old habits die hard.)