The Best 10 [Almost Top Secret] Hair Care Products For Natural Hair

The question that many people of color have after seeing tons of hair product commercials that are obviously not targeted at them is “what are the best products for MY hair?”. Your natural hair is something you ought to be embracing. It is, often times, a major piece of your identity. Plus, wearing your hair

Best Products & Tips On How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are generally an internal skin disorder, which arise due to the clogging of dirt/dust in the pores of your face. Those who have oily facial skin generally tend to suffer the most from this problem. The dead skin cells, dirt particles, & bacteria clog the pores in the skin and thus blackheads are developed. Popping

How To Get That Flawless Ombre Hair Look No Matter Your Hair Type

The ombre hair style is growing more and more popular. The trend that seems to have been initiated by celebrities has now been adopted by many fashionable women. It is a technique in which the hair is colored with two colors. The hairs at the roots are a darker color, whereas the tips of the hairs

Scrunching Hair? Do It With The Best Products

Hair scrunching is a popular easy-to-do technique, it’s super simple and adds volume and texture to your hair, producing some pretty amazing results if done properly. Finding the best products for scrunching your hair can be difficult, so we’ve decided to help you out and also threw in some extra tips in order to make sure you

Best Products To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

Just like the shapes of our bodies, skin types come in different textures and tones. For some there’s beautifully clear complexions while others may have skin that’s on the oily side. So if you’re wondering how to get rid of oily skin or looking for the best products to use to get rid of oily skin, keep reading

The Best Window Cleaners For Streak Free Window Perfection

When it comes to keeping your things clean, freshly cleaned Windows seem to be the most rewarding to look at. You know those Windex commercials where the guy runs into the window because it’s just THAT clean? Yeah that’s what we want. Windex is definitely the most popular window cleaner on the market, but the

The Best Hair Thinning/Hair Loss Fixes On The Market

Thinning hair & hair loss are both is a problem that many of us face everyday. When we start to notice it, one of the first things we all do is panic and think that our hair thinning leads to hair loss and hair loss leads to being bald. We start to scour the web

Best Products For Uneven Skin Tone

What causes uneven skin tone? An uneven skin tone can be contributed to many different factors, the most common being UV Rays (the sun), smoking habits, pollution, nearly anything bad for the climate is bad for your skin. These conditions rob the skin of it’s naturalcollagen, causing the skin to appear dry, rough, and in

Best Products For Piecey Hair

Piecey hair is among the many fashion trends these days. Females are choosing this hair style, as it is versatile in nature. You can get the piecey hairstyle in any length of hair. This fashion has become quite popular among the girls who love to attain a careless beauty. It is more adopted by the

Best Ways To Get Rid of Chin and Jawline Acne

Acne is a common problem which people usually get familiar with during their adolescence. Acne generally occurs on facial skin and they generally grow on forehead and cheeks. The acne and pimples on the forehead are common in people of  the teenage group. However, acne on the chin and jawline is also as troublesome as