Best Products For Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists are among the most commonly used hairstyles of women with natural hair. They are also very simple to do and can be done in a fairly quick amount of time. There are various hairstyles that have been created from the basis of two strand twists. These two strand twists can be done on just about any length of hair (at least 2 inches for best results).

Two Strand Twists Steps (Products used are recommended, but optional):

1. Start by shampooing and conditioning the hair. Towel blot, or squeeze excess water out.

2. Create a horizontal part about 3/4 inch from the nape (in the back, above your neck).

3. Create a vertical part about 3/4 inch from the left (or right) side of your hairline. A rattail comb works well for this.

4. You should now have a square section of hair separated from the rest. Use clips, bobby pins, or ponytail holders to hold the rest of your hair out of the way.

5. Mist the section of hair with water, and apply a small amount of Carol’s Daughter Kizzy pomade. Massage in, focusing on the ends. Comb through with a fine toothed comb.

6. Part the square diagonally into two smaller sections.

7. Begin twisting these two sections together. Left over right, left over right, and continue down the length of your hair.

8. Continue parting sections and twisting across the width of the nape. You should have four to five twists going across when the row is complete. Start another row, and continue toward the crown.

9. Once you get to the top of your head, you will decide whether to part your hair on the side, in the middle, or just have your twists go straight back (or up depending on the length). To direct your twists a certain way, gently pull the two sections of hair in that direction as you twist. If they need a little extra coaxing, use a clip or bobby pin to hold them down while they dry.

10. Spray your finished twists with Oyin Handmade Greg Juice to give them a nice sheen and make them super soft.

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