Best Products For Crows Feet

Do you have squint lines or worry lines on your facial skin? These squint lines/worry lines are also known as crows feet.  The major reason behind crows feet is loss of the elastic nature of the skin. These lines are quite similar to ageing lines and they result in a  premature ageing appearance. Trust me, no one likes to have these ageing lines on their face so they are constantly looking for the best products for crows feet and all the ways for preventing them.

Causes Of Crows Feet

The major cause behind the wrinkles or squinted lines is loosening of elastin and collagen in your face. Apart from the loosening of elastin and collagen, exposure to sunlight for a long duration and excessive smoking can also be the reason of the lines. It may be genetic or may come from dehydration.

Home Remedies For Crows Feet

Fruits can help to prevent crows feet from your face. Make a paste of papaya and pineapple and rub it on your face. Allow your skin to retain the fruit juice for 10-15 minutes. After this, wash your face with cool water. Pat your skin with a dry towel. Papaya contains papain and presence of bromelain in pineapple, which helps in removing the dry cells from your face. Flaxseed oil can also be effective treatment for curing these lines. This oil is rich content of Vitamin B1, B2, C and E and protein, which helps in enhancing the collagen.

Medical Treatments For Crows Feet

There are various types of medical treatments, which can help in curing the lines of ageing. chemical peels are very effective treatments, in which the outer layer of your skin is removed which enhances the formation of new skin cells. In Wrinkle fillers treatment, fillers are injected to your skin and it enhances the collagen in the skin. Laser treatment and botox treatment are also growing popular among people. Those who are suffering from severe type of wrinkles, you may go for plastic surgery.

Tips For Reducing Crows Feet

You will find some of the best products for crows feet online or at your local pharmacy, but you still need to take some precautions on your own. It is known that sun rays can affect your skin. So, you should avoid exposure to the sun for a long duration of time and if you are roaming under sun, you should use sunscreen and sun glasses. It will protect your skin and corners of your skin from the wrinkles. Also, make sure you drink a lot of water. Dehydration is one of the major factors for this skin problem, so make sure that you are drinking around 8 glasses of water. You should quit smoking as soon possible because excessive smoking can have bad impact on the facial skin and the body in general.