non dry damaged hair

Dry and damaged hair will make everyday seem like a bad hair day; when you start to notice your hair easily breaks, the real problem is a lack of moisture in your hair and/or scalp (fact). We’ve hunted down the best treatment products for healing and restoring dry and damaged hair to it’s former glory…Fast. […]

If you’ve tried popular hair regrowth options and still find you’re losing hair, Total Hair Regrowth may be the perfect option for you. Developed by John Kelby, the program provides you with techniques to help you regrow your hair and help it stay safely and naturally. The program comes with two books, “Keep That Hair” […]

Blackheads are generally an internal skin disorder, which arise due to the clogging of dirt/dust in the pores of your face. Those who have oily facial skin generally tend to suffer the most from this problem. The dead skin cells, dirt particles, & bacteria clog the pores in the skin and thus blackheads are developed. Popping […]